M6 Toll closed due to incedent

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Anybody watching Sky News at the moment?

    Fairly massive emergency services response to an "incident" on a London bound coach
    A man seen pouring liquid into a smoking bag on the bus.

    M6 Toll Shut In Counter-Terror Operation

    Quite a lot of bods from the RLC there too.
  2. BBC News - M6 Toll coach stopped by armed police

    Following a report from a passenger, the driver pulled over and the police were called.

    Apparently, someone on the bus poured liquid into a bag or a box and smoke/fumes were produced causing panic.

    Its launched quite an operation. Be interesting to see what the score is.
  3. MOD has just announced that the Military are providing assistance.
  4. Heard a bit about this on the radio with chemical attack and terrorist being thrown around but this is probably just journalistic speculation. Surely they wouldnt attack a Megabus, the only people they would kill are the kind of plebs that ride the things.

    Saying that does anyone have any idea as to what the 'liquid into a smoking bag' could be?
  5. I've just seen some coverage on SKY - it's described as a major incident, big response from emergency services, and RLC on the scene too.
  6. Yep seen a RLC bloke
  7. Beat me to it vampangua. lol
  8. Probably crack if it's a megabus.
  9. Just seen the RLC BDU van
  10. And it departed from Preston.....

    Looks like a good time to rob a bank in Staffordshire, half the countries Plod seem to be on the scene
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  11. I can't see any terror.
  12. ha it's probably jonny foreigner trying to make a brew - bets on MRE's..
  13. Has something escalated..the live feed has been taken down???
  14. 'Man on bus pours cuppa from
    Flask turns to major terror incident shocker'
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  15. Good man, avoiding cold weather injuries, he's got his hands in his pockets.