M45 Murder victim - Drawing released

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sangreal, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Is he 7 feet tall from the Himalayas?
  2. Looking like that he probably murdered himself.
  3. Is that picture of what he looked like after being hit by 3 HGVs, 5 cars and an Out of Service Routemaster Bus?
  4. I believe he was on the run from a dentist. And a barber. Looks like they finally tracked him down.
  5. What an ugly tw*t. No wonder he threw himself off the bridge or was he pushed by that looker wayne rooney?
  6. No surprised the coppers haven´t got a clue, fro that picture.
  7. It's Amos Brearley and I claim my £10!
  8. It's a male urang-outang!
  9. The drawing would seem to suggest that the victim had recently been in custody somewhere.

    Or "fell down the stairs on the way to the cells", as they used to say.
  10. It's the missing link!
  11. How surprisingly original...

    Twat - I was just about to that... Great minds & all that :D