M4 toll road...claims???

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by onthesofa, Aug 14, 2010.

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  1. HI

    this is just a quick one but i was wondering if anybody knew if you could claim back the toll you pay on the m4 into wales???

  2. Are you on duty?
  3. If you are driving a military vehicle or are on duty then yes you can claim this back, if you were going home then no you cannot. I believe now on the M4 toll you can show your work ticket of the vehicle you are driving and they will allow you through. It bloody well took them enough. Over the past year I must have forked out near enough £100 of my own money to cross into that horrible little country.
  4. Im led to believe now that its only green fleet that can use the bridge free. they told me white fleet with a works ticket wasn't acceptable anymore.
  5. If on official business, ask for a receipt and claim it back - or go round :)
  6. im on a career course in brecon, driving my own car each weekend, so i take it its a no then??
  7. You may be able to claim for the first time you cross, speak to your clerk. Asking on here and drawing in people with an answer is a ***** trick. Now thesnail is going to come along and cut us off at the knees (at least I'll escape that one).
  8. Anyone know if GYH or HDT covers tolls?
  9. As Dragstrip alludes to, Get You Home travel (GYH) *may* cover you for an element of your costs, but not if you're travelling every weekend. Home-to-Duty Travel (HDT) is for commuting, but if you're on junior/senior brecon then you have accommodation at the Inf Battle School, so you won't get that.

    I don't have a copy of JSP 752 (allowances) handy, but if you ask your clerk then they should be able to advise you.

    (Incidentally, top tip from someone who's seen people get in trouble for claims: if your clerks tell you verbally that you can't claim it, obviously that's the end of that; if however they say that you *can*, great, but email them a summary of the conversation, and get them to email you back confirming it, *then keep a copy of that email* so that you can prove in future that you did have permission, in case your JPA claim is audited. Just avoids any unpleasant accusations of fraud...)
  10. Any vehicle on an ATUD (Works Ticket) can cross the bridge, simply hand you document in, wait 2-3 mins while the people behind you get more irate and then toddle on your way =D=D
  11. I disagree, I've had it out with the clerks at my last place over my LSA payments after they interpreted the JSP incorrectly and took my payment off me. Get hold of the publications yourself and have a read, often the clerks will be right but in some cases when it doesn't sound just right what they are telling you give it a look yourself.
  12. Fair point: all I mean is, be super-careful - don't put yourself in the situation of claiming something based upon a verbal authorisation, as you're relying upon their memory to get you out of the s##t if, actually, they were wrong... :)
  13. Fraud is only fraud if it is done with intent to deceive. JPA is so full of workarounds and seemingly incorrect ways of doing things (GYH warrant by road - claim under non-warrant costs - go figure) that I think anyone who is not blatantly lying should be able to make a case that their mistake was entirely an innocent one and was the fault of a system that is so obtuse as to be beyond all but experienced users.