M4 Paintball marker + Accessories.

RAM M4 Assualt Rifle paintball marker. .43 calibre. Semi and Fully auto, Aimpoint red dot scope, 6 magazines. CO2 in stock, comes with paint and CO2 capsules.

£200 N.O.


how many times used? cleaned regualry? whats the accuracy and shot distance of it?

how much paint and gas will come with it? how many paint balls per mag?


I have only had it a few months, and used it twice. It comes with 6 20 round magazines, over a dozen CO2 capsuels, and roughly 300-500 rounds of paint and shells.

Very accurate using the Aimpoint red dot sight with a range of 25-30 metres, if you want more range you would need to use air and maybe a longer barrel. I only ever used it for CQB, have a larger rifle for distance work.
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