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I got this in an email, can anyone confirm it as valid?

The new electronic signs on the M4 were switched on last Tuesday. The bad news is that they are rigged with the SPECS speed cameras. SPECS is a computer-camera based system. As you go past the sign a digital camera reads your number plate. When you go past the next sign your
number plate is read again. The computer knows how far apart the signs
are so it can work out your average speed between the two, or three or
four. The system is fully automatic and will issue a ticket without any form of human intervention. It does this for every single vehicle that
passes. You will not now you've been caught, as the cameras do not flash. They work 24/7, 365 days a year, and theoretically, there is absolutely no limit on the number of tickets that the system can issue.
The whole section of the M4 between Theale (J12) and Membury Services
(J14 - J15) is wired, both ways. The system is set to trigger a ticket
at 78 mph. Radar detectors will be of no use as SPECS is entirely passive.
There is no radar or laser beam to detect.


I've had two very similar EMails, one from one of my blokes, the other from a copper.

The capper also said that the M40 will get much the same treatment on the whole stretch in the Thames Valley Police area. If that happens, I'll get a ban.

Mr Happy

what you need is a nice large Audi with a German number plate. No need to worry about tickets or anything from then on. :lol:
Sorry folks, these 'emails' are sometimes actually classed as viruses. They're meant to scare you and get you, naturally enough, to pass them on -hence the virus analogy. I think the techies amongst us will confirm that the actual mechanics of this are arrse and in any case we're supposed to be told when these 'cameras' are about. Shouldn't worry.

(Mental note to self: Check the number of my nearest Audi showroom)


simply slow right down after the first one if you spot while going too fast and then crawl along as safe as poss letting other cars overtake you then go past the second one , thus beating the system :twisted:
Big Brother is most certainly NOT watching you....
It is in fact illegal to covertly check the speed of a vehicle without the method being obvious....
That’s why all the speed cameras are now clearly marked...
It was called entrapment before...

On a brighter note
An old work colleague told me this story,
A friend was driving home very carefully; a little worse for wear one Saturday night when a police car pulled him over,
When the officer came to the window he tried to look as normal as possible,
Conversation went something like this,
'Good evening sir',
'Good evening officer'
'Can you tell me the speed limit on this road?'
'Err 50 I believe?'
'That’s right ' sir and can you tell me what speed you where doing sir?'
'Err 55?'
'No sir you were doing 10 miles per hour...Have we been drinking sir?'

'errrr 50 i believe?'
'that's right ' sir and can you tell me what speed you where doing sir?'
'errrr 55?'
'no sir you were doing 10 mile per hour.....have we been drinking sir?'
An absolutely fool proof system for beating any kind of speed monitoring device be it covert, overt, laser, radar, passive or whatever. Drive a Volvo (middle lane only) and follow people towing caravans............. ,
If you are pulled over for speeding and face a fine thier is away to avoid the ticket.

Grab the copper by his ears, and sink your thumbs into his eyes, calmly lean forward and bite his nose while telling him your going to track down his family and beat them to death with canoe paddles.

Result you will be charged with assaulting and threatening a police officer and they are bound to forget to punish you for speeding
Pretend you are a tree hugging hippy type (or Lord Fl*sheart) and drive a 2CV - thereby alleviating the risk of any type of speed infringement even if you go over Beachy Head with a hurricane wind pushing you along


"Mrs J" got a notice from a Police Force citing her for speeding as photographed by a fixed camera (safety camera) site , after three and a half months of argument, they finally said "we'll let you off this time" - not good enough, not guilty! - they finally produced their evidence showing a 5 door hatchback, "Mrs J" has a 3 door hatchback, the suffix on their picture was a D our suffix a B - Always ask for the pics
Don't call them safety cameras. They are tax gathering machines.

Read todays Telegraph, last weeks Autocar and various other journals.

51% of accidents occur in 30mph zones and there are only 5% of cameras there.

Even the Scots Assembly - not a body known for visiting planet earth that often - have decided that they have nothing to do with safety. Put them outside schools and hospitals where they are necessary.
On a lighter note much confusion and fear was caused by Police Officers in Cumbria a few weeks ago.

Bored with traffic they tried their speed radar on a passing Tornado.

This set off many cockpit alarms and caused it to track back looking for the offending "SAM SITE" with armed anti-radiation missles.

Much passing of memo's has resulted ..........


Mr Happy

Two things.

1) Speed camera's at the side fo the road work in 2D so if joe public is going past a camera at the speed limit in the slow lane and you approach at limit +20 in the fast, as long as you are in the 'photo box' (that area the Rozzers painted white measurements down the side of) area at roughly the same time then the camera/radar will assume you are a truck or similar, therefore not going that fast and thus won't take a photo.

2) This won't work if you are driving a truck or similar. But I like your style....



Back in Celle-vintage 1992, one of the Hun speed cameras had a fault that meant it caught the next car passing or something-either way it clocked one of our 432's at a speed in excess of 90 mph. The GCP demanded the money but we managed to convince them that said lump of tin wasn't really capable of that sort of velocity.

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