M32 Grenade launcher

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_0ne, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. didnt arnie have one of these in the terminator??
  2. Hello The_One,

    wouldn't it be easier,cheaper and more combat effective to issue more under barrel grenade launchers to fire teams rather than sacrificing another weapon to carry one of these?
    That is if they want more grenade launchers and are prepared to carry the weight or sacrifice something else for it.
    It is an interesting weapon but I think it would be hard to justify.
    I am sure others will disagree with me on that.

  3. wouldn't want to be the guy humping the rounds for it, thats for sure.
  4. I am impreesed. Probably one of the best pieces of kit to come out for the grunt in a long time.

    If we spent less time and money developing multibillion dollar weapons that will probably be rendered obsolete in the next few years and spent more time making weapons that actually take the fight to the enemy,we would have won this ignominious war already.

    Great squad weapon.
  5. :? And Brit Army will have 240,000 pound cost open recce veh, joke for the crew M 32 Grenade launcher has range over 400 yards, sorry for the crew, wont be long before Russia gets details and sells simulur thing to baddies :x :x

  6. It looks small enough to sling across the shoulders and still be able to carry a rifle.
  7. It is. It's been in use for at least a year now.

    This actually is not the first of its kind, but it seems to be the most effective revolving grenade launcher to date. Similar models have been used by riot police to throw gas cannisters.

    They do have a similar one. It hasn't been sold widely from what I know though
  8. I was more impressed with the cam rounds and being able to get an aerial view of the battlefield, good for the close combat of the stan?
  9. quite like the hell hound much bigger 40mm grenade :twisted:
    sort of thing that might be handy but probably more ugls and more grenades
    better option