Reference Image M3 Lee and Grant tank pics + all variations

Thanks for that. Similar the Fort Knox Lee above?
Yes you also see sometimes one of the openings welded over so just one .30.

By the way the ONLY Pacific use of the M3 Lee was at Makin island. the 193rd Tank Bn supported the Old 69th NY (165th RCT) in the assault. The M3A5 (Diesel)Lees used rubber chevron T48 tracks and at least one had the counterweight for the muzzle. also a grouser box fitted to the glacis. Some have welded side hatches, some have side hatches without pistol ports.

film of them engaging japanese snipers in the wreck of a flying boat exists

HD Stock Video Footage - U.S. Army troops occupying Makin Island during World War II
Hey Goldbricker, can I pick your brain please? I'm assuming the Armortek M3 is the radial engine version. Can you confirm?


That's one hell of a film by the way.
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