M25 west-bound...road improvement causing travel problems

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Jumping Jack, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. Been using the M25 heading from Sevenoaks towards Heathrow a few times recently...what's going on with the roadworks there? Been at least a month with little sign of any real civils work being done. Clacket Lane area etc. It is causing pretty horrific travel problems. ie 1.5 hours to do a 20 minute journey with complete stand-still frequently. Of course it also causes over-spill (and resultant accidents) into the A roads locally.

    Is down to 3 small lanes and the central 'reservation' is barriered off. I'm all for road improvements works and I dont slag the M25 off much as it is handy. But...seems the works is being done by a narcoleptic bloke with a teaspoon to dig with. Some plant parked up hasn't moved once in a month. Why carry out (non-essential?) works just around the time it is likely to snow when it could wait til Spring (it probably will have to anyway) and be done much quicker (and possibly cheaper.)

    Anyone know when the work is due to end?
  2. Think it ends in September 2014! I work right next to the M26 junction2 and can see it out the window, some mornings it's been backed up to the junction which must be about 10 miles before the M25!
  3. True. It's reached 'Belgian' proportions. I've always hoped we do civils a bit better than that here.
    I also some some quite bizarre things being done by the odd workman here and there, when any are visible, with everyone else just standing around with hands in pockets watching bored. Like one chap scratching around in the freezing ground using his hands with no tool and no hand/knee protection etc. He looked like he was about to collapse. Not complaining ...I felt sorry for him. But seeing what he was doing...there were better ways of doing it. Same working technique and speed as around Antwerp for the last 15 years as far as I can see.

    I am genuinely concerned the area isnt being managed very well and if more serious accident occur there could be a real problem. As it is there are regular rear-end shunts as the driving is so erratic.

    How about regulating the over-taking of trucks for example? Have them in the inside lane only just on those stretches. That road set up doesnt support those slow over-takes they do.

    (Any relation of my comments to Harrry Enfields 'you dont wanna do it like that' are co-incidental and incorrect!)
    Anyone know who's in charge of the project?
  4. I'm using that bit of road in about fifteen minutes on my way to Uxbridge, I'll let you know. It's usually Carrillion who are doing the M25 improvements.
  5. Carrillion. Is the MD 'Fish.'

    Probably not. I'll look them up. I am going to have calm constructive encouraging words. thanks very much for the info. bon route.
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  6. My Mistake, it's Skanska.
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  7. UK Office.

    [h=3]Maple Cross House[/h]Skanska UK Plc
    Maple Cross House
    Maple Cross
    WD3 9SW
    United Kingdom

    Phone +44 1923 776666


  8. I hadn't realised they had extended all the way to jcn5!! not much going on at that end though they have removed the central reservation up to Clacket lane. oh well, only another 18 months or so to go. I'm sure it will be a vast improvement.
  9. i imagine something needs doing but i used to think what a well kept piece of road it is! in comparison to a lot of the autobahns and so on.