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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sniper005, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. At the risk of sticking my plod head above the parapet I just thought I`d pass on the following info for anyone who uses the M25. If they are doing this here, they will probably be doing it along the whole of the M25.

    I have received information from Traffic Management that the company who look after the Variable Speed cameras between Jct 10 - 15 on the M25 on behalf of the Metropolitan police are ACTIVATING the cameras from 15/02/08. The current cameras are analogue and the speed for enforcement is set at 93mph. However the system is changing to Digital and the Commissioner as directed the company to set the cameras at ACPO guidelines, this will be 80mph.
  2. And thery're up on the M27 between Southampton and Pompey though I've no idea if they're working or not.
  3. Very useful info, thanks. Do you know if the cameras will be activated at night ? I normally trudge around there at about 2am when it's empty.
  4. I was on the M25 last week from the M4 to the A12. At the Heathrow end, there were signs warning that average speed monitoring (or some such phrase) is in operation. It was sunny clear day and I had to my sun visor as the blazing sun was in my eyes, however, the speed limit showed 50 and there was a fog warning - get a grip!
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks for the heads-up. Can I still do 140 on the M2?
  6. Give it a go, I do, and the Doppler effect seems to be working for me. :)
  7. Great piece of int for all the southerners.

    Just one question for plod:
    The above head matrix signs and variable speed limit signs on the motorway networks, can the idiots that control them actually drive?

    I am sick to the back teeth of being in traffic jams caused by some over zealous cnut in the control room that has slowed the entire network down to 40mph just cause someone is on the hard shoulder, that's why it's there.
  8. Im alright, my Foden don't go that fast ;)
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Top int that. I thought they'd actually removed the cameras completely rather than turning them off, I regularly hoon down there at 85ish. :oops:

  10. Hoon? 85? Are you French? :wink:
  11. They had / have them on the M4 between J12 & J18, but I was talking to one of the plastic plod and he said the big drawback was that if you were clocked in Lane 1 at J12, you had to be in Lane 1 at J18 for it to work, as, at the time, it could not cope with people changing lanes so the only ones they nicked were the Centre Lane Owners Club. I don't know if that has changed yet
  12. My theory with average speed cameras is that you could never calculate the exact distance covered due to lane changes. So, as said, unless you are old/female and haven't grasped the concept of more than one lane and using your mirrors, they shouldn't be admissable as evidence because they could never proove the distance over time.

    Although you COULD to within a certain tolerance.

    An EDIT because im still on Monday Mong Mode
  13. And some crafty sods have worked out that if you drive aprox. 6 inches from the car in front, the cameras can't see your number plate. Mightily pisses me off on the M1 between J6-J12, having some prized tw@t in a beemer (etc.) hoon it through the traffic at 60-70, then tuck up behind people's bumpers to avoid the cameras.

  14. Alongside a lorry would do. But yes, that is definately a way of getting around it. Wait until the country's motorway network is covered in it, and watch the accident rate increase sharply.

    Safety cameras my arse.
  15. So hypothetically, if the Matrix sign is displaying 'Warning Fog', with a 40 mph speed limit, despite it being a sunny August afternoon, do you have a leg to stand on at all if you ignore the warning and are caught?