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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by toonman, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi can anyone shed some light on this supplement M1T is ok to take in the army.I know it is a legal supplement in th uk. I want to start taking it but not if its gonna put my career at risk as in drug test.
  2. M1T is methylated testosterone, the yanks have banned it as a steroid (which it is, don't let the whole 'prohormone' thing fool you), and i have no doubt that it will be banned over here in short enough time. As i don't know the particulars of the drugs test employed by the army then i can't comment on detection, but you'd have to be a good talker to try and blag your way out of a positive for exogenous testosterone use which it would throw up.

    It is absoloutly deadly for your liver, a real nasty peice of work, and tends to completly feck with your hormone levels after you finish taking it (think lots of oestrogen and naff all test). It can be used in relative safety and with good effects, but i personally believe it is not worth the risk or hassle (especially the fact that drinking whilst taking it is asking for a minor case of death) so i won't tell you how.

    Stay away from it and eat more.
  3. Good advice.

    The Gear is more trouble than it's worth for 99% of people. The only users who really benefit are professional athletes in certain(by no means all)sports. They use them to try and gain a short-term edge over opponents who will be using Gear as well.

    For anyone else, especially soldiers since one of the Gear's many side-effects is a loss of cardiovascular fitness, steriods should be avoided like Jade Goody's axe-wound... :roll:

    If you want a supplement, try Whey-Isolate. No side-effects and it helps you develop lean muscle. Provided you put in the hard work.

    Until the Yanks develop Captain America's Super-Soldier Serum, you'll just have to train natural! :wink: