M1A2 damage.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by PE4rocks, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. While this video is a propaganda effort by the jihadis, it is 'interesting' to see some of the actual damage suffered.

    In particular the shot at 04:32.

    M1A2 sequences

    same here at 06:47
  2. Well, the one at 23 seconds into the first video is one of my tanks. The smoke is coming from a burning truck behind the tank.

    2:15 is an M60 on a US firing range.

    3:11 is a tank from our company. That was a towing accident, not a result of enemy fire.

    If 3:45 was taken in Iraq, WWIII will start.

    3:46 is another of my tanks. Simple roadside collapse, no enemy action.

    3:48 is one of my tanks. I'm standing next to the gun tube. Driver error, no enemy action.

    3:50. Heck, I took that photo. Standard terrain problem.

    3:52. Another of my tanks. (My personal tank is the green one at the back). Standard terrain issue, no enemy action.

    5:17. That's an Arab tank. Kuwait or Saudi if I recall.

    A lot of the photos are of the same time multiple times. Cojone Eh shows up a bunch of times. 06:46-06:51 is the same tank as 3:11

    Of note is that on very few occasions is anyone actually killed in those tanks. Usually the crew get out before the tank burns down.

  3. 3:44 is a Merkava... looks as if they weren't to hot on what tanks they bunged on the vid.
    Was sure there was an SP arty piece as well.
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I thought it was a bit dubios when I saw it, it loked as though they were pictures you could find anywhere on the net

    You seem to have lost a lot of tanks - you still in charge? :D
  5. :? iirc the one with the large hole in the front armour was denied By fast air thats what made the holes in the turret armour ???

    hope all the tankers made it !
  6. Were you a 'Desert Rogue' or a 'Tusker'? :wink:

    I presume you're on about Cojone Eh? (Yeah Right) they did, however IIRC one of the crew who ended up on an M113 was wounded later during the first 'Thunderrun' conducted by 3ID.