M1977 SPG pics

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by chosenmen05, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Dear RA,
    I have been asked to help get some details for our units Cambrain team. Can you help
    I need details on an SPG called the M1977 As far as I can make out its a D-30 Mounted on a North Korean APC.

    Any specs would be good but I'm after PICTURES.
    Thanks all.
    If I get accurate pics I'll try and post pics of my girlfriend naked on here

    Thanks all
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  3. [​IMG]

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    Edited to add..........

    M-1977 122mm self propelled (SP) gun/howitzer
    The M-1977 122mm self propelled (SP) gun/howitzer, produced in North Korea, uses the 122mm D-30 mounted on the VTT-323 APC chassis superstructure with enclosed sides and an open top.

    Max Range 15,300 m
    21,900 m rocket assisted projectiles)
    Max Rate of Fire 7-8 rds/min (1.7-4 rds/min sustained)
    Max Speed 40 km/hr approx
    Road Range 400 km approx
  4. M 1977, from the Chosun site
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    Fot more pics, albeit without the 122mm Click me!!!!!

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  6. I tried to help, google image search on M1977 came up with the third result of:


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    Ooops, on further research M1977 reveals a TONKA toy:


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  8. great any pics of the romanian stuff???

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  10. That's a Warrior turret btw.
  11. Courtesy of the Romanian MOD, via the WW2 in Colour website

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  12. more

    The Romanian Army seem to use UK style DPM, and desert DPM as well.

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  13. more yet

    Is there something in particular you were looking for?


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