M1878 Vetterli - anybody?

As a shooter of Swiss schtuff I'm somewhat keen to lay my hands on a GOOD/EXCELLENT/INCREDIBLY fine example of this historic firearm to add to my little collection.

Sadly, I won't be able to add it to my FAC until I get rid of another Section 1 firearm, but that is my intention, eventually.

I just missed one over in NI that was imported and stamped 'Ulster Provisional Government' - an interesting piece of history that would have been a nice piece to talk to my friends over there on my occasional visit, as well as my fellow shooters in the VCRAI.

Any pointers at a likely dealer in these unusual arms would be gratefully appreciated.


Arent these an obsolete calibre?

So acquiring one should be easy, but as soon as you load it with a ball cartridge, it's S.1?
Yes, hence my comment about having to sell another Section 1 gun to get THIS one on ticket so's I can shoot it. Hafta make my own ammunition, too, after a simple centrefire conversion to the bolt has been done.

Try Naturaktiv, Wartstrasse, Winterthur
Thanks for that one. Another one to add to the list. I'll call and see what kind of a deal they can do, but don't hold much hope for getting any kind of a gun out of CH with their recent clamp-down on OOC sales of most everything that goes bang or even boom.

Our Swiss schtuff pal, Guisan, in NL has a few nice ones, but NL has just stopped shipping mail packages longer than a metre except by courier, at around 300eu.

De qu'est-ce que la possibilité est voir quelques images de ce fusil extraordinaire? J'ai déjà envoyé un email privé à M Stoatman qui l'intéresse. :)

I don't know if the Stoat has any pics of the rifle but I can vouch that it is in very very good condition. The dealer was our local one and also president of the local range back in NL, a very good egg. He also has experience with handling exports.
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