M16 foiled Iranian's getting Nuclear weapons

Should I be smiling or even sniggering? The mother ship for these "Robot Subs" is USS Ponce
2014??,the World is going to end before then,Can we not bring it forward a bit.After all the Yanks now have 'Robot Subs' in the Gulf...
I think the bean-counters are rather depending on the world going ka-boom - it'll cut down on costs (forever...) and finally settle the Middle East Question (and every other question). Approaching doom should not distract us from the fact that we are in the midst of a Global Recession.
When Six say this sort of thing in public you can be confident the Iranians either have a shed load of nuke tipped ICBMs already or aren't even near to building one.
Ah well that's encouraging.
I dont believe a ******* word what our intelligence say any more ... The events of 2004 took care of that!
Incompetence in every aspect and level of Government seems to be the perceived norm these days.

I would like to believe it could be different someday but until then I would rather trust a troop of blue winged monkeys to run the country than the steaming piles of cat-puke that are our representatives.
Why am I thinking this is almost a Mel Brooks film...
What, is the Sheriff near?

Six better make their minds who who they want first then: Syria or Iran, 'cos we are not knocking them both over in 6 months!

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