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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ancient, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Help me out gents . Just hit 76 days and a have 9 day trade camp to instruct on in January , and then a 13 day promotion course in February . PSAO says he will have difficulty justifying a 17 day extension , 2IC says it's none of his business and is down to OC . Who's right, and is there any possible way of extending beyond that ?
    I've just been laid off in the welsh valleys , and need the income . ( Failing that , anyone need an HGV driver ? ).
  2. try the agencies ref HGV driver. Should be loads of work out there, not all good work but work all the same.
  3. just noticed you will only be on 98 days, what's the problem.
  4. Signed on with four so far . Chilly wind blowing out there , but thanks .
  5. 98 days . so far . What do I do between now and April 6 th 2009. I like to be able to go in of a Tuesday night , and turn up for weekends in the country .
  6. Can't see a problem with an extension, it's only usually a problem when you go beyond 117 days. 10 days leave and all that bollox.
  7. Thats bad drills on your part when there's regiments having days cut due to lack of budget.

    You should plan ahead, your 2ic is right.
  8. And to think a few of us regularly did over 100. I did 256 days once and was sent home mid drill night :)

    Don't think you will find much driving, as almost all agency drivers including myself get one, maybe two days a week if you are lucky.
  9. How can it be bad drills on his part? If the unit ask him to turn up, or are willing to have him present all the time who's fault is that? His for being keen and able to give the time, or his unit's for not having the bodies to do the time?

    I can really see people giving it "Sorry boss, No can do this weekend, I'll run out of MTD's" . pr**k.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Remind me how many MTDs 2 Div handed back last financial year....
  11. Crap. You can ask for an extension to 117 MTDs no problem. If you are doing regular work for the unit they can get you on ADC up to 220, which includes leave etc. Slack drills by the PSAO.

    Units short of Budget ?? How the sweet Jesus are they managing that given the shite attendence most units are reporting ? - I've just asked for an extra 10% for my unit and Bde are sounding fine about it.
  12. is there a document listing the facts about this never ending problem ,as it seems to be the luck of the draw with your PSAO/OC as to weather he applies the rules or not ?
  13. Unfortunatley you will not get an extension of VTOD (Voluntary Trg or Other Duties) over 117 days.
    Since the introduction of ADC that has been a no go. You could get ADC but your unit will have to be able to employ you on set days of the week on that contract. Min period of 13 weeks etc.
    The types of attendance that you are talking about lend themselves more to VTOD which you are fast running out of, so you may find it difficult to get the unit to sign up to ADC.
    ADC does not have the flexibility of VTOD and does not attract the same allowances so not as good for you even if they will set it up for you
  14. I may well be a prick, but it does happen, not 2 years ago a regiment was hit with a cut in MTD's a 3rd of the way into the year,by that time some of the lads had already "overspent" their allocation
  15. Can somebody clarify?

    I was under the impression that MTDs are a unit allocation, so if there are regular non-attenders then their days are up for grabs.

    That would leave ancient free to use the remainder of his 117 days (limited at 117 because of the issue of having to be given paid leave), i.e. 19 days left for Drill Nights and weekends. (Jeez, that's the same as my ANNUAL commitment! ;) )

    January and February are substantially filled, November is halfway over and December is only half a month training-wise. So that's 17 days to be spread across about 10 weekends. With regard to genuine training, that's hardly a drama as many of those weekends probably won't have any training programmed.

    I know that I've used the TA as infill employment in the dim and distant past, but you can't rely on it for your weekly income.

    As a constructive suggestion, can't you find a rich girlfriend? Oh, forgot! There aren't that many sheep with sizeable bank accounts.