M&S To Charge Extra For Bigger Bras

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ethel_the_Aardvark, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Yes charge more for larger melon restraint

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  2. No way, the bigger the better and they should get discounted lingerie

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  3. They shouldn't wear bras at all, just let them swing

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  1. Shocking drills from M&S to charge extra for the more buxom lady. Surely they should be giving discounts to those who are more ample in the chest region?

    Bra Wars?

    A woman has bought a share in Marks & Spencer in the latest round of a battle over its surcharge on bigger bras.

    Beckie Williams, 26, who is founder of Facebook group Busts 4 Justice and a 30G herself, said she took the step after efforts as customers hit a brick wall.
  2. There may be female ARRSEr's who are upset about the M&S policy. The best way for me to advise you would be for you to post piccies with bra and without (all without top/blouse).

    I will evaluate for potential for legal action and advise you. I am a lawyer so you can trust me.
  3. No wonder! (bra). What, with the price of metal for underwiring and wot not.

    If you are a fat slag you should have to pay to have your veiny blue fat sacks shaped into something semi-presentable.

    "If you can guess my weight, I'll shag you."

    "30 Stone you fat bitch, now fuck off."

    "Close enough, you;ve pulled."

    We all now the type, no excuse for flabby tits. If they can't afford the extra they should just be made to carry them under their arm pits.
  4. Well at least they'd have cushioned the impact!
  5. Doug, do I detect a sense of self loathing.
    Have you been chubby chasing and now feel ever so slightly dirty.
    It's no crime, fat girls need loving too.
  6. You've obviously never been shopping for saucy undees for your lady have you? :D The bigger the number the fatter the bird (UK average bra size is around a 36C) - the cup size is the measure of how big a handful they are.

    Personally I am a 34G (and not a fat hefer - there are arrse members who'll vouch for me) which makes me a member of the penalised population through no fault of my own!

    And NO there will be no boob shots of me appearing in "The truth behind...." :wink:
  7. Go on! How much for charity! :)
  8. Potential,

    Ok. You are the exception to the rule, but still?

    If someone is born with an illness, say MS, Asthma, Excema, Hay fever, Migraines etc. then they must pay for their medicines through no fault of their own.

    You were born with big jublees, and well done you, but like everyone else who has a genetic predeposition to something you must pay the maintenance costs not society. Although if ever there was something worth a EU subsidy.
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I bet you're glad you got that off your chest. ahem. ;)
  10. How dare they :x atleast once a year have to fly her who must be obeyed :) to Singapore or Hongkong to resupply at MS lingerie dept 8) only last week spent hours on safari in downtown honkers navigating the traffic looking for MS please dont put the price up, why cant we just by pirate booby hammocks in downtown Patpong orBugis street :wink:
  11. I notice this doesn't apply to men's pants I wonder why?

    Fairy_nuff 40D and not paying M&S prices prefer leather meself
  12. Stuff, cheap and nasty but pay extortionate prices, M&S , Bravissimo are much better. Guess where I buy mine and nope no shots to verify from this call sign either :twisted:
  13. 30G? That sounds like a very slim laydee with massive bahoomas.

    As in, not fat at all.

    And no, I haven't checked Facebook for a picture. Yet......
  14. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

  15. Well, I have checked out Facebook and you are correct in your estimation :D :D

    As for all the Arrse Maidens who are claiming to have enormous norks but refusing to post pictoral evidence then shame on you :roll: