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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by big_vern400, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. I know this has been hammered before, but need to know definitive answer! According to new Pam 21, it looks as though u need to clearly have SA (M) 90 to run blank ranges. Even tho u may have done AASAA cse, which years ago when i did it gave u SA B,E, F and one other(which escapes me) - do u get "grandfather rights to M seeing as we had to write EASP's and run a BE. Or must u clearly have stated on ur quals list that u have M now to run blank:? :? :?
  2. If you have done a AASAA course, and are still current, there is no requirement for the 'M' qual.

    It was brought in (mainly) for RMQ'd qualified people to run BE's and BL's.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I was told the other day, by an NCO who has recently done the AASAA course, that the M Qual requirement has been dropped across the board. I have not looked further into this yet.
  4. I'd check that as it's only recently come in.

    I did my AASAA(short) course in November 2007 and then it was compulsory that we had done CMCQ – subsequently it turned out to be part of the course so most of us ended up having extra time for study!!

    We were told that the CMCQ element would be replaced with the M qual in time for the next course. (you can find out what modules are included by asking during the admin brief).

    If the AASAA course doesn’t include the M module, it won’t count towards running or supervising blank firing exercises, as stated in the new PAM 21.

    Now the K qual has been binned, those who obtained it during their CMCQ can no longer carry out WHT’s, perhaps this is what [they] were talking about?

    The M qual is now run as a standalone course and covers battle lessons and battle exercises with pyro.
  5. I have just phoned the SASC at Sennelager reference this, and it is still being run, and required to run blank fire exercises. The course is however run on a 'as-needed' basis, with the minimum requirements for about 10 students, and then you have to arrange a time when SASC have instructors free.