M.P. Blasts blair in age row

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by goldeneagle2, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Gwent M.P.Don Touhig last night accused Tony Blair of practising age discrimination when he revealed he was sacked as minister for being to old.

    The m.p. was dropped as veterans minister at m.o.d. by former p.m. in reshuffle in may 2006,a year after being given the post .

    He told m.p's in the commons debate :I know something about age discrimination .

    W and P minister who is aged 65 told Mr touhig the government was considering introuducing legal protection against age discrimination in goods ,facilities,services premises and public functions .

    (South Wales Argus sorry no Internet link at the moment )

    This is a disgrace ,I feel really sorry for Mr Touhig , I f he was not doing his job properly you could say something but because he was to old in other people eyes is wrong our government should be ashamed of themseleves for treating people in this way
  2. Invisible ink?