M.O.D warned that emphasis on heroes is undermining cowards

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pielover, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. Classic! (My colleagues are now giving me some strange looks...)
    The article about "Anti-piracy film to be shown in Somalia" at the top of the "More News" column is also worth reading.
    Thanks for the link, Pielover. I'm going to add this site to my Favourites for future reading!
  2. Class. :D
  3. The Defence Secretary, writing in today’s Times, argued, ‘What we need is a more modern, diverse military, which means an equal balance between soldiers who are eager to embrace conflict; those who do it through a sense of duty and equally cowardly custards, chickens and scaredy-cats who run squealing when someone pops a balloon. The important thing is that we aren’t seen to judge one type of behaviour as preferable to another.’

  4. With regards to the first linky, i can't see what the problem is. I've always managed to come back from deployment in.... more or less.... one piece without any feelings of guilt at all.

    Mind you as an ex-member of the Royal Signals, it was part of standard procedure to run, hide or surrender anyway. :D
  5. It's okay. More troops are on their way to ease the burden on the Heroes and cowards.

  6. Perfect for the Navy then :wink:
  7. What a load of b*llocks! As a serving scaley I have never run, hid or surrendered! I have stood my ground and did my duty to the fullest! As a result, the Ops room burco never once run out of hot water! :lol:
  8. :D brill! if only that was true!
  9. :D :D :D

    Got me too..hook line and sinker!!..I was trying to work out if a General Satchal-Shaft was real though..lol
  10. Made me chuckle somewhat!!