M O D tests on humans unethical

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bossyboots, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. Just as unethical as the ones they carried out on us during 1991 Gulf War :(
  2. Ministry of Defence, Porton Down and unethical in the same paragraph?

    Must have been a bad press day.
  3. You know, up until relatively recently I'd have said that the UK led the world in terms of IPE against chem/bio threats (collective protection was always bit more suspect). Makes you think a bit, about how the equipment was actually..developed.
  4. Didn't one of the families get a pay out from this recently?
  5. They haven't really improved over the years. The vaccines given to us during the first Gulf were looked on as a trial.

    I have a copy of the MOD document which refers to this in front of me now. It was sent out to all members of the NGVFA (National Gulf Veterans and Families Association) so that we could all see what they did to us. Here are some direct quoted from the documents:

    "In the light of this decision animal studies at CDE to establish the efficacy of the Cutter Vaccine would be redundant and they will not be undertaken."

    (the decision being to give us a combination of injections)

    "6. Should option 2 be agreed this would also provide a unique opportunity to obtain human data on the efficacy of the Whooping Cough/Anthrax combination."

    (Option 2 was the option to give us Whooping Cough with Anthrax)

    The document is "Annex A to PTA/1090/16/DMD/206/90 dated 16 Aug 90".

    Regrettably they aren't going to get much data because they have "lost" most of the records detailing who had what!!! Fortunately, I have kept my medical book and have the doses/dates recorded, stamped and signed!

    You wouldn't believe how angry I got when I first read all this!!! Then again maybe you can? :)
  6. Long post deleted replaced with short one.

    <tinfoil hat>
    If you spend any length of time even trying to collate exactly what chemicals offensive or prophylactic were floating around in '90/'91 you will hit brick walls. You will also, very likely, attract attention.
    </tinfoil hat>