M.H.S. wind up.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by WRAPJOBAGAIN, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. right here gos.

    round a mates house last night and after quite a few drinks he turns round to us all and says.
    my house has got ghost in it.
    well that was me peeing my sides i was laffin that much.

    so i turned round to him and said that he needed to get on the phone.
    to M.H.S. and tell them to send some one round to sort it.

    well today guess what.

    yes he was talk in to me at dinner time and said that he has rang up M.H.S.
    and they said its not there problem.

    so any one who lives in a army navy or raf pads house please ring up M.H.S. and report the same.

    and post on here what the out come has been or what happens

    this is so funny you have to try it.
  2. no takers.

    come on someone has to do it.
  3. Not funny, as there was a haunted house on the patch in Bergen, Hohne. No family spent long in there as it was haunted. RMP was called out to a disturbance and when they entered the kitchen there was a old man and boy at the kitchen table. Went into the living room and back into the kitchen and the pair was gone. No family ever stayed more than a couple of weeks there. The estate warden used to leave it empty as it was more hassle than it was worth putting a family in there.

    It does happen quite frequently especially on old camps/airfields. It is mainly Padres that have the phone calls.
  4. Tis true, and if you have ever lived in Hohne you wouldnt be so quick to reply as it is famous for being a little spooky and I am the worlds biggest sceptic with regards to the paranormal.
  5. this leads me onto another idea.

    names and places and storys of other arrse users.

    come on get the ball rollin and send your storys in.
  6. persec violation, I should think. No can do.
  7. Vertical Gyro, very apt name now go and swivel ...........
  8. I remember hearing (while camping, naturally) about some campers in some bit of Europe (the black forest rings a bell?) They're awaken by the ground vibrating, loud engines, trees crashing, etc, and upon looking out of the tent, they're watching a column of panzers traverse their front.

    I can't remember the rest but you should tell it round the camp fire along with the 'couple run out of petrol, he goes for help, she stays awaking later to banging and blue lights and a loud hailer telling her to "get out the car and whatever you do, don't look back". She does and there's an escaped loony on the car roof using her fellas head as a drum-stick' story. >shudder<

    I believe the above 2 have regional variations.
  9. Were the campers camping in 1939 by any chance?

    The bouncing head incident was an episode in the Twilight zone (IIRC).
  10. Thats my favourite story LOL.