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Hey guys,

Has anyone here ever used M and L Ambulance? I'm in the resettlement process, and before I spunk away my money on their EMT course I want to know it's gonna be worth it.

Cheers all
i think you must at the very least talk to someone in the service,i know lads with emt qs,and they seem to think the sell by date on that one is coming up soon.
it looks like the way ahead is a university based direct entry paramedic scheme,and emt will in the best of time fade away,that said if you like wee,puke and abuse crack on.
M & L went bust last night, they have ceased trading so stay away
stay away from EMT courses full stop .

even if you can get a full 6- 8 week IHCD course you've still got to find someone to do your 750 (min) hours on the road with proper mentors etc ... and your emergency driving.

Far too many people claim to be be able to qualify you as an EMT - there is no definition of an EMT in the UK , the problem is the there are courses are that are so laughable even the Red Cross and St John won't take the courses at face value ... 5 days on top of an FAW does not make you an ambulance(wo)man - there's about 10 days training ab initio for 'advanced first aider' status with SJA or BRC

Add in the fact some NHS services won't even accept transfers from experienced NHS trained IHCD techs with several years NHS experience all in all it's a potential to see resettlement time and money spunked .

If you want to do ambulance work either get your level 3 qualifcations polished up and apply for a paramedic degree through UCAS , watch out for ECA / Assistant Practitioner vacancies on NHS jobs ( band 3 or 4 ) or let the Red Cross or SJA train you for free - where SJA have full time crews it's generally on NHS middle teir or A+E work or on regional Paeds ICU / Neonate retrieval services where you work with Doctors / Nurse practitioners and Nurses /ODPs
As said above, it will only get you a job with that company, which is fine if you want to do patient transport, inter hospital transfer, bariatric (obese) and occassional low category work, (they'd be the poorly ones then) farmed out from NHS Services.

IHCD only has two months of existence left after that who knows what'll happen.

The route to doing frontline emergency ambulance work nowadays is direct by the NHS Service, but these are very rare nowadays, or most likely thru higher education

5 GCSE and 2 A/Highers, or Level 3 qualification as pre requisite, various institutions will look at prior learning for mature students but you'll have to ask them directly

have a butchers at these Paramedic - NHS Careers


Service timed out...

Service timed out...

the foundation degrees are two to three years, the BSc are three to four years, spend half of it on road getting mentored by people like me,

use your resettlement to get relevant driving licence, Cat C if needs be


If anyone wants to ask about applying for Paramedic Science or equivalent, PM me: going through the process at the moment. If you've not been to uni before then the government will lend/give you the money depending on your income. You can also do a foundation degree which is only £7,400/year instead of the ******* ludicrous £9,000 that everywhere is asking for now.

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