M-9 Gore-Tex Side Zip Boot

Ideal if you find the Stress of lacing up a combat boot every morning too stressful.
Possibly not for British military use ideal for the RAF then :)
not the brand, but of the concept yes. Just binned a pair of converse desert boots with a side zip and a safety toe for work (poor quality stitching and sand build up in the lining) Otherwise the boot worked fine around the base and for field visits in a vehicle. Wouldn't use for serious tabbing or weight carriage, as the zipping on/off does get loose over time, and you need to redo.
Personal fad is making sure there is a locking eyeat the bend point in boot so laces can be tightened where needed and that helps keep the fit.

Now using pair of lowas - mutts dangley things and with the decent metal loops for laces, just as quick to put on and gives better ankle support
Got a great pair of Bates boots similar to those whilst in USA and have had no problems with them. Light and comfortable and up till now totally reliable.
Last saw zips on boots in training when everyone was buying norwegian shirts as well. They get covered in mud and you cannot undo them, waste of time!
Not a good idea to get boots with zips unless you drive a desk. We got boots with zips returned all the time, thats why we no longer nor will ever sell boots with zips.
You really dont want to be overseas with only one or two pairs of boots and have zips fail!

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