M-73 Liquid Prismatic Compass

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Canader, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. I couldn't ditch this fast enough for a Silva 'back in the day', but find myself needing one now. Has anyone got one of these in mils they'd like to part with, and for what cost?

    G1098 Tea Leafs need not apply.

  2. Canader, check your PM's, or, alternatively, "trademark london'. Got mine there, great service, nice bloke, top prices (buys his stock at auctions from bankrupt businesses trying to pay off their creditors, or something like that)
  3. They are made by and serviced for the MOD by this company


    They offered to sell me one direct at a considerable discount if I couldn't get my older W F Stanley Compass repaired (different manufacturer, but same spec)

    But I did get it repaired for £40, so didn't bother
  4. See my PM?
  5. Silva do a Model 54/6400b (aka 4/54) prismatic compass which does not actually have a prism (it has a sighting lens allied with a mirror in the capsule) and a proper compass card rather than just a pointer.

    Not quite the same thing I know but a very good bit of kit which will do all that the prismatic will do.

    Certainly worth investigating.

    edited to say that the 'b' after the model number is for 'beta' ie has a tritium lamp.
  6. Can it be adjusted to account for magnetic variation? The M-73 can't AFAIK, but just wondering...
  7. mag variation or deviation? either way there is no adjustment but all compasses will have an inbuilt error and should therefore be tested and the error recorded so that it can be allowed for although this is rarely done nowadays.
  8. Of course, THAT is why I got lost on Salisbury Plain during that night withdrawal... :D
  9. Yes mate, sorry about the stuff-up, can still recommend T-mark as above. If he doesn't have what you're after, he'll keep an eye out and tell you when he's got something suitable. I think his stock turnover is fairly rapid, and I don't think you'll get a better quality/price/availability balance.
  10. It could have been worse-I once led a patrol down the wrong side of a ridge because I was holding the map upside down. In daylight. On a promotion course.

    I still passed (but only after I turned out a top effort that night, through sheer desperation...)
  11. That T-Mark site is incredible