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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. A close friend showed me some pictures of thier dad, an infanteer from the early seventies to 1990

    Some of the early pictures of him in Belize (1975-76) showed him carrying an M-16.

    Was this standard practise back then? There was no Waltism about the piccies, in fact no attention was drawn to the type of rifle, I just noticed that the patrol he was in was carrying them.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Though admittedly a sprog i thought that the M16 was initially introduced for regular infantry btns conducting jungle training/ops in Brunei, Belize and the like as i suppose it beat carrying an SLR in the jungle. Aparently infantrymen were routinely kitted out with either M16s or shotguns for CQB in the jungle. Hope this was some help, although those pics were taken a while before i graced the planet with my presence!
  3. The Army had AR15's from the late 60's.
  4. I've seen photo's of booty team commanders carrying them on patrol in NI, so it may not have been just for jungle stuff.
  5. M16s' were issued for jungle warefare training in Malaya in 1974 and again in Beleize in the 1980s and also used by me in NI by on a rural tour in Fermanagh.
    the Para Brigade Pathfinders platoon are issued with them as standard. A good lightwieght peice of kit , that suplemented with the SLR/GPMG was a great combination!

    SAS have had the M16 or variants since late 1960's and still do today
  6. The British Army was in fact the very first official user of the M-16 - it was first issued to troops serving in Borneo in 1962, before it was issued to the USAF who were the first American users.

    The M-16 and Diemaco C7/C8 (current replacement) have been used in many theatres of operation since then incl. Borneo, Northern Ireland, Malaya, The Falklands, Belize, Gulf 1/Gulf 2 and no doubt many places we can't speak about.

    We were the first - in service now for 43 years.
  7. MMmmmmmm, the plot thickens! When I arrived at my first posting in the 80's in Germany, my sigs lancejack took pride in showing me pics of him patroling the juuungle in Belize with an M60. His version was that the SLR and GPMG had a combination of faults with the humid, sweaty conditions, hence the yank weapons preformed 100% better then the Brit versions.
  8. 307

    307 War Hero

    So THAT's why the Yanks called them Pigs in Vietnam and they've just bought masses of GPMGs, because the M-60 is really good.The only M-60s I know of in the British forces are the ones on Chinooks. But I don't claim to nkow much.
  9. Quite a few of our old sweats recall being issued them for Belize tours. Generally the lead scout would get one so that he had the automatic option in the event of a contact.
  10. Don't you guys mean the ArmaLite AR-15? That gun only BECAME the M-16 (which is a US Army designation for the weapon system) after Colt bought the rights to the AR-15 weapon system from ArmaLite when ArmaLite were goung bust.
  11. During my first Belize posting we were issued the AR 15 as everyone was still issued with the SLR. We used it in conjunction with the LMG. It performed well and everyone enjoyed using it. The 2nd tour we used SA80A1 - oh how we reminisced for the AR-15!
  12. Does anyone have an idea on cost of M16 M4 from manufacture.
    serious question.

    Price: $1,095.00

    About £615 in real money, how many you want?

  14. Cutaway

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    Damn, I could get very anoraky and spotterish about this.

    *Bites tongue*
  15. Same damned rifle, purely a name!