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Here is the actual AAR of the battle. Quite an interesting read. I post it, for people who have an interest in military history, no matter what army they serve and/or served in.


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Good post Phil - thanks.

Given that you were serving in the 80's I'm guessing that you were not present in person ( and I haven't read 'We were Soldiers ' ) so please excuse dumb questions:-

Q1 - What was the flight time for UH1D's evacuating wounded from Ia Drang to the Field hospital ?

Q2 How far away was the hospital from the LZ ?

No reason you should have this detail but someone reading may be able to supply.


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If I recall, correctly, it was a 30 min flight from the Forward Operating Base (FOB) to the landing site. Assuming this was correct, it would be safe to assume approx 30 mins.
The things we read on ops were in two categories

Yippees = Cowboy books ?
Training manuals = War books.

The standard issue at the time was "Edge" for the yippees and Sven Hassell for the War books.

This all went out into the bottom of the trench when "Chicken Hawk" was published.
Not only was the story of a HU1 pilot in the Nam amazing, the writer gave a diagramatic break down of the Helo controls but also how and why you use them.
The Helo's at the time were support ops only, but they found that flying empty to pick up pax in hot LZ's was getting them shot out of the sky so it led to arming the Helo's and eventually having the HU G gunship and cobra developed.

Fkin excellent reading, still is.
When I was a BN Co. my Brigade Executive Officer was Walter (Joe) Marm, the only person awarded the Medal of Honor for that battle. Interestingly enough, I served with him at the Mountain Ranger Camp in Dahloniga, GA when we were both Lieutenants in 1966.
Phil306 ...

Many many thanks. My admiration for Hal Moore knows few bounds. This is a truly interesting read

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