Lyrical terrorist spared jail

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hairy-Sporran, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. why would she be deported, wasnt she british born? Where would she be deported to?
  2. think its a fair sentance for a terrorist walt
    though community service as a pole dancer would have just been mean :twisted:
  3. I think she is British, either way she shouldnt be left on the streets.
    Good to see the criminal justice system being used to full effect here :roll:

    As for the comments about 'its just because she is a muslim', what a load of rubbish, its because she expressed ideas of extremism and expressed the desire to act on them. Basically, shes mental.
  4. Hey, Paul Mcartney was pro PIRA he wrote songs about them and they made him a knight.

    Micky Rourke is reputed to have given a $1000,000 to noraid PIRAs magic money machine in America. He can come and go as he pleases.
  5. yeah but is sentance was porking that fcuking vegan bird for 20 odd years and then having a screeching cripple take all his money. He suffered enough.
  6. Not till he gives me some of his money he hasn't

  7. Is it ethical to pork a vegan?
  8. I dont think a vegan can swallow.
  9. Perhaps

    A good sosmixing?

    A serious quorning?
  10. Yes arby. The lack of anything charming about his life completely destroyed the man.
  11. Well, You could always ask where her parents were from and deport the the whole family....... :wink:
  12. i travel through heathrow every morning on the way to work, i'd give the "lyrical terrorist" a severe beating if i saw her on my bus
  13. class.
  14. Whilst I think she is a very silly girl and her views rather unpleasant am I the only one round here who finds it rather disturbing that we live in a country where someone can be prosecuted for writing poetry?