Lyoness Cashback - Kosher or Not?

I've just been pitched about Lyoness Cashback. It sounds too good to be true, and so probably is too good to be true.

Googling seems to bring up mixed results - does the collective knowledge of ARRSE have any comments?
Doesn't even make sense.

Lyoness cashback company review: How does it work?

Customers who are shopping within the Lyoness shopping community receive between 1% to 31% savings paid by the Loyalty Partners (small local businesses, flagship companies). According to the discount negotiated with the retailer and Lyoness, 1% will go to Lyoness and the remainder of the discount will go to the customer. If for instance the discount offered by the retailer is 8%, 1% will be given as cash back and the remaining 7% will go into an accounting system. For every £45 shopping unit created, TUV and ISO 9001 certifies that it will turn into £ 405 or £523.80 (if the customer introduces 4 people to Lyoness ). Just to clarify, Lyoness doesn’t give cashback. It all comes from the Lyoness loyalty partners .

Lyoness cashback company review

Thought I think this little bit should make you perk your ears up and look very very closely at what is going on

If you join as a Premium member the Lyoness cashback company and make down payment of £1,800 for future shopping


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No first hand knowledge, but seems like it may be a bit pyramid-y. I spent a couple of minutes looking at their website and failed to find an idiot proof "how it works" page which rings alarm bells for me, personally.

I've been using QuidCo for a couple of years now - Quidco - The UK's No.1 Cashback & Voucher Codes Site - and never had any dramas. The physical cash gets deposited into my bank account every month - no voucher/gift card crap.


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Not definitive by any means but a few easy to spot typos on various parts of their site alongside the lack of clear info on how it works (mentioned above by walkyrie) would be setting off the bingly bongly noises in my head.

Edit to add - Regarding Lyoness. No clue about QuidCo.
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