Lynyrd Skynyrd UK mid seventies

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by skidmarx, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. One of those conversations over too many beers.
    Skynyrd on tour with the Stones. One of the guys in the band, so wrecked he's doing the set on elbow crutches plonked up against a speaker bank and wearing a peelers tit helmet.
    I thought it was Milton Keynes 74, general consensus of opinion was it was Knebworth 76,
    As far as I can remember I only went to Knebworth once and that was to see Zep in 79
    The pills aren't working, anyone got any ideas. (not about the pills
    about Lynyrd Skynyrd)
    Thank you
  2. It was Knebworth '76, Skynyrd blew the Stones away (to their annoyance). The gig was filmed & a CD soundtrack called "Freebird Live" exists, tho' I don't know the record label.

    BTW, Billy Powell, Skynyrd's keyboard player died last week, aged 55.

  3. Well, given that the plane crash happened in '77 and the remnants of the band didn't play at Knebworth in '79...
  4. Sorry should've made myself clearer. I saw Zeppelin at Knebworth in 79 not Skynyrd.
    It's the skynyrd gig I was looking for the information on (God alone knows why). It looks like it was 76 in Knebworth.
    Maybe Skynyrd don't want to admit they played in Milton Keynes
    Any other views greatly appreciated.
  5. Argh! Cue 'Freebird' stuck in my head for the next hour or two
  6. This t!t in my company used to think they were called Lanyard Skanyard - give me strength :roll:
  7. If I'm not mistaken there's only a couple of original members left.

    I'm not surprised they blew the Stones away, I've read that Skynyrd's rehearsals were very demanding. Ronnie Van Zandt apparently pushed the band during rehearsals until they got things as perfect as possible.
  8. Seasick Steve is awesome, does he not live in Norfolk somewhere now? A lot of guitar talent that has come too late, anyone that gets something tangible from 1,3 or 6 strings has my respect, and his teamed up with true blues "deep souf" heritage is as raw as it gets.