Lynx with unusal markings

I took this picture from my front garden recently, I was sorting through my photo's and I thought I'd post it here for your interest and thoughts.

Taken in Cornwall near the most southerly point.

Image hasn't been manipulated just cropped for a closer look at the fuselage.
Looks like a pre-delivery test flight. The white serial looks like its in the ZK range which is a British serial format and its got the red/blue roundel too. Saudi Typhoons on test flights out of Warton also carried ZK serials prior to delivery, prior to painting they also carried the red/blue roundel.

EDIT .. What he said above .. :wink:
They have four Super Lynx 300 Mk130s, . they also are getting six AW 101s and someAW139s been training at Shawbury for some time on AW 109s
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