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Lynx Wildcat First Flight


War Hero
whats so great about this version of the lynx then?
spad said:
whats so great about this version of the lynx then?
Look at the pics, Westlands have been down to Halfords and bought a cool spoiler for it, I think it may be on upside down though.

Oh and by the looks of it, somebody has passed their rivet gun course!
Christ on a bike its a bloody kit helicopter! No wonder James May suffered a shortage of Meccano in his programme AW have been building helis with the stuff!

I read the entire article and nowhere could I see whats particularly "future" about it. It looks like it wouldn't have space for the pilots day sack let alone a section.
Is that Tropper66 in the left seat?
bangstobleeps said:
Out of interest why is the extra metalwork around the front?
Crumple zone :) Has airbags too ;)

Presumably the rear "wing" swivels round to allow aircraft to be packed in tighter?
check out the rude boy exhaust tho!

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