Discussion in 'Aviation' started by quickstop, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. Off topic, but just how much money has Thelynxeffect donated to get that many medals????

  2. Cost of signing up to paypal..... 1 pound,

    Cost of buying one medal..... 1.50,

    Cost of 'cut and paste'...... PRICELESS!
  3. Oh My Buddha just what has becum of the Hair Corpse that I knew.
    Blurs New Model Army.
    I blame the Cl-kson effect.
  4. 1. My landie still works when its raining and when it's foogy and when it's windy too.

    2. If I ask for landrovers on an excercise there's a realistic chance that they will be provided.

    3. There is no requirement to listen to some overpaid, arrogant wankker talk down to me for ten minutes before I am allowed to get on board a landie. AND.

    4. I don't have to spend half an hour picking up sticks and bits of rubbish in order to create a safe place for my landrover to pick me up.
  5. Did a pilot shag your mum?