lynx vid.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by datumhead, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. That was part of the design brief for the French.
  2. The Italians are making one that goes twice as fast in reverse
  3. The music sounds like some-sort of danger zone rip off?
  4. I can't view it here, but it sounds like a Westlands PR product from their 'Not-The-Garage-Door Division'. A copy appeared at our Sqn courtesy of Mad Dog.

    Cringeworthy just about covers it.
  5. It is the very same clip, cloudbuster. The one where he does a somewhat agricultural roll and a loop that looks like its flown by one of the PG tips chimps. :D No flare or finesse. :roll:
  6. You are to rotary wing aerial ballet what Jimmy the Fish Killer is to driving a bedford and trailer and CLoudbusters similarity is just the tutu and buldging tights...... buldges not in same places :D

  7. Says Chuck fcuking Yaeger there. :roll:

    The nearest you've been to controlling an aircraft was when Jimmy let you drive the tractor on crew.
  8. Why would I want to control an aircraft...... you pay a small fee and a muppet does it for you...... The reason aeroplanes have crew cabins is to protect Fare paying passengers from their dribble about being a pilot and using phrases like 'Commiting aviation' :D

    As for being Chuck yeager.......... bet I've been through the sound barrier more times than you...... Mr Pilot :D :D :D

    Crew? Is that what the grubby MT types did that made them smell of fuel and grow bizarre skin diseases?

    Shame they didn't let Westlands fold many, many years ago.