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Any news on the mighty Lynx replacement?? This subject has gone a little quiet over the past few months. Just heard a rummbling the other day of BLUH being back in, also some talk of NH 90 ??? MMmm that would be nice!!


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Thanks Vaeviso,
I like this bit ["Competition remains the cornerstone of MoD procurement policy"] what utter dross you mean lets drag this out and waste tons of money, quibble over what type, decide on the shittest, most expensive and delay it by...lets say five years.!!!
This is to you procurement people "Get a FU@KING GRIP" and stop pissing about.
Anyone any info about what will happen to the Mk7 once it’s taken out of service? Can the fleet be cannibalized for Mk9 spares? Or will it be sold to civvie companies?


Got a feeling, Gunny, that by the time the 7 is withdrawn, the components will be so sha99ed out that nothing will be worth saving.
Might buy one and stick it in the beergarden of my local, mind.


Let's not forget that the 7 is mainly recycled Mk1 airframe, and we all know how much they vibrated. Frankly, I surprised that they've managed to keep plodding on as long as they have..
Anyone any info about what will happen to the Mk7 once it’s taken out of service? Can the fleet be cannibalized for Mk9 spares? Or will it be sold to civvie companies?
You've got more chance of selling the MD 902 to civvie compnies than you have of selling used lynxes/ lynxi (I wonder why we don't know the plural of lynx. Probably because we'd never see more than one in the sky at the same time.....(small drum roll for effect))!

This is ideal
Yeah right, I can't quite see Teenie Weenie Airways getting hold of those without some very high up RAF style teddy throwing by their airships.

Although I agree in principle that all battlefield helicopters should be operated by the AAC I doubt it'll ever happen. Of course all battlefield helicopters are currently tasked through the army (JHC) but thats a different matter.

BTW, I thought the NH90 was originally touted as a replacement for the Puma.
Surely Merlin is replacement for Puma (and Sea King too)?
Vae Viso has already given the answer on Lynx, now due in service 2013. 48 (BRH) for the AAC and 32 (SCMR)for RN

A medium lift capability is still being looked at. Merlin is not a replacement for Puma.

Helpful stacker...Sorry mate and please don't think I'm being a pedant, what do you mean by Army (JHC) ? And while you are correct in thinking that the AAC will not get the medium lift capability (because it is nothing do with role), I do remember at least 25 million people (ok, a lot) stating that "Teenie Weenie Airways" would never get the Apache.
Gunny Highway said:
Anyone any info about what will happen to the Mk7 once it’s taken out of service? Can the fleet be cannibalized for Mk9 spares? Or will it be sold to civvie companies?
Sorry meant to add. The new Lynx is a replacement for all Lynx, not just MK7. Unless something has changed over Xmas I was unaware of any plan to keep MK9s. Hence the requirement to reduce the number of aircrew over the next few years.
Floppyjock - Battlefield helicopters are controlled by JHC, JHC is purple but basicly Army run.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against this, you don't see too many blue/grey beret wearing folk running around a battlefiled so it makes sense for the Army to control their supporting assets.

I wish JHC had been around when I was a humble rifleman looking for a lift, it seems the service offered now is better than in the pure RAF run days.
Aren't Puma sqn's re-roling to Merlin? Both helos fill the same medium-lift capability don't they (i.e. bigger than Lynx but smaller than Chinook)?

Will the RN get Merlin transports to ferry the RM around in, there'd be more commonality with the Merlin ASW helos, and they could get a Merlin ASaC to replace the
Sea King 7, or will they have to make do with stripped out old pinger Sea Kings for booty?
I didn't think the MoD planned on buying anymore Merlins, Navy or RAF variants.

News on the RAF grapevine is that the MoD wants to give the Puma a mid-life (retirement age surly) upgrade and keep them serving a bit longer.

Bring back the Wessex I say. Nothing better than doing an RTR with that lovely hot exhaust right behind you, kept the cold at bay in the winter....
The decision on BRH/SCMR (ie to buy FLynx) is the only one to officially come out of the Future Rotorcraft Study so far. They also have the unenviable task of trying sort out the Land and Maritime Components shortfall in helo lift capacity within a woefully inadequate budget. The only decision I foresee in the short term is the purchase of a few secondhand US Chinooks (they have decided to buy all new rather than mid-life upgrade). The answer to the medium SH question (Puma/Sea King) isn't Merlin - the RAF didn't want the Mk3 in the first place and relatively recently tried to offload it on the SAR force. Unless DEC ALM gets a serious cash injection, or the price of military helicopters takes an unexpected downward turn, I think we'll see Puma and SK soldiering on for a lot longer than is really wise (like Lynx Mk 7). Sadly we all know what the consequences of that will be.

Incidentally, if we're playing "fantasy Lynx replacement", I'd go for an EC 635. Great aircraft, dead easy training solution (mostly common cockpit with the EC135, so replace the Shawbury and MW Squirrels with that), we could have it contractor maintained by McAlpine and you could have it off the shelf tomorrow ready to take Bowman, a sight and a DAS. It'll never happen of course because it's way too simple.
Slightly off topic but why didn't the raf want merlins? They seem like capable kit, if a bit expensive, especially to repair.

Everything I've heard of "lynx replacement" involves possible upgrading of current aircraft to help extend lifetime so that mod procurement can make their minds up...
Sea King replacement for Commando Helicopter Force isnt due until around 2018 if i remember correctly, Merlin would be a decent solution, however there were plans to acquire marinised Ch47 that got scuppered at the last moment due to politics and money *shock*.
Why not just build new airframes and fit them with gucci new avionics? The septics still use the Huey and Lynx isnt a bad bit of kit, just a little tired.

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