Lynx Pilot Injured in Iraq

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by MightyGem, Nov 10, 2004.

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  1. See here. :(

    Well done the co-pilot for getting them home. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  2. Concur, hope the pilot survives.
  3. Apparently now in Ramstein and 'just' Seriously injured.
  4. Should be repatt'ed back in blighty soon. Good sign that he is stable is his movement back.

    Get well soon mate.

    Silsoe, just read a snippet of yours from 'that other site'.
    I see your job at the Daily Star is working well then.

    Ask the questions when you have the facts maybe?
  5. Makes a change from being accused of being a Daily mirror operative!
    Nice to know that you still visit that sight and you brought my comments over here. I wonder why you did that?
    You know it's the question being asked in Germany and at Wallop I take it?

    what would be the point in asking in the first place?

    Still in cuckoo land I see. :wink:

    No doubt another chance for the mods to moderator edit me to the hilt!
    Why not discuss on the other site?
  6. Because Im a member here and not a member over there anymore and have no inclination to be one just to respond to one post.

    Really? Not here or there from what I gather.

    Depends who you speak to I suppose! :wink:

    Im suprised at your opener over there on the subject (having said that, not that suprised really). It would be interesting to see why you asked the question in the style of a particluarly poor journo. Or have you forgotten stuff since leaving? Which op theatre did you last fly in?
  7. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Now then Mr attention seeker...I haven't editted any of your posts on here.... just deleted a couple when you were being a tool. You really are a petty, trouble making, obnoxious toad..... do us a favour and stay in Danny's playground

    Best wishes and speedy recovery to the pilot
  8. I knew a surgeon who flew out of an operating theatre once for being totally psihed *hic*.....
  9. Luckily, the post of BJ's exploits are still on this site so I simply had to "copy and paste" my comments from then ref SS. He has yet again managed to change the direction of a fairly important subject into a personal slanging match. Although my words may not relate to the subject in hand, the sentiments still apply now.

    My comments then....

    "For cying out loud, will some one commit a crime in SS's area and keep him in the air and not at the key board! Does his boss know that this is how he occupies his time?
    What in the name of christendom has this have to do with a man who tried at something and was beaten by a chain of unfortunate events? If the only goal that SS has in life is to go to work to sit at a key board and wind people up by ranting over this that and the other then perhaps he should take a pace back and take a long hard look at himself.
    Before you even think about it SS, I will wager that my skin is thicker than yours. Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me.
    Stood up, waiting for incoming (which will be when he is next on shift) or maybe, just maybe, we can get back to the subject in hand. BJ."

    My thoughts are with the injured. Et tu?
  10. SS is busy slating this site on Pprune, yet he maintains his membership here

    What saddens me the most is at no stage does he make any expression of well wishes to the injured pilot on here. :?

    I see Always Broken in Wilts, the frustrated ballast boy has leapt to his defence. Kind of says it all

  11. Because I expressed my wishes elsewhere.
    I don't feel the need to go round every website doing the same.

    Nice post change RP. I'm sure you feel better now. In fact what you say could have been easily cut/pasted from my early comments to those who critisised me on the other sites Global Eagle thread. None of your own?

    I'm sure you'll all be toasting Barrys Commision shortly and shaking his hand.

    I will quite happily hand in my membership here, but there doesn't seem to be a button that says, 'End Membership Here.'

    Until there is, I will continue to taunt you here thanks.

    It's nice that you all take the time out of your obviously active lives to critisise me.
    What should YOU be doing?
    Getting on with your lives or actually going out and doing your job of supporting the Bush plan for world domination?

    I see that in the last 2 years, the main names here have posted continually. therefore have not actually been 'out and about' doing what you are paid for, fight for your country, have you?

    People in glass houses and all that.

  12. What saddens me, is that some of you have to cut/paste what I say on other sites and then ask me to come here and defend myself.
    Of course I am happy to do this as I am not afraid of your pack mentality, but it then surprises me when you then say, 'go away'.
    Look at this thread as a prime example.

    No wonder I find it so much fun here. :D
  13. Just incase you can't work it out. 'This thread for example.'

    I start with, "Apparently now in Ramstein and 'just' Seriously injured."

    The next post is, "Silsoe, just read a snippet of yours from 'that other site'.

    And here we are, back with the pack versus SS. You all must be guilty of something. :wink:
  14. A reply to the thread 'hubby's in iraq.. anyone else in the same boat?' by one of your 'honourable' members of this pack, who by random I looked at previous posts;

    If the mod, I believe Porridge_gun , is able to cancel my account, please do so.

    And you lot despise me! :evil: