Lynx Main servo valve seizure.

Just read over at pprune that a Lynx had a MSVS over London (pre 793 mod).

Any other info?

By all accounts, crew and cab fine.

Nothing heard, nothing in the Incident Signals this morning! Do you have a heads-up on time / location? Was it Main or Tail? - more recent incidents would suggest the latter.

Further to my last,

Did the obvious thing and pinged Pprune - dislike going on there as it makes me want to throw their towels in the pool.

This is an old incident - ie early December 03. with the usual IAW FRC's at the end. Yes, you were right pre Mod 793 and now subject to further action.

Cheers Ivor. Had a root around the old incident signals and found it.

Pprune is just sport nowadays. :wink: :lol: All be it a rather dull, predictable and unforfilling sport such as underwater soot juggling or 'nail yer cock to a juggernaut'.
Just seen this thread linked at the bottom of another more recent Lynx thread.

Had I seen it at the time I might have been able to tell you all about it...
Was that the one from Wattisham, that landed at Woodbridge? I think I was there as TA at the time.
I did go tits at Woodbridge once, a real integrity call to leave it there and not dash back to the home plate.
Were you OC of a 4 Regt Sqn at the time?
Ahh right. I seem to recall on one of my TA visits, a rare trip in a Lynx. It had a flickering AFCS caption, and we reckoned that it was an Actuator Spool Valve that was causing it, but it never stayed on. Told the reems when we got back and left it to them. Later on in the week, it ended up at Woodbridge, with an Actuator failure.
Ah, no - not me. Nor the run on landing that lost the landing light.

I did have to answer a complaint from the public that we had underflown power lines and 'hovered erratically' at Woodbridge.
Most of your hovering could be considered erratic!!
I prefer to describe it as 'freeform'. This however was AFCS-out turns about the tail which had to stay over an imaginary moving spot that was tracking slowly the rwy centreline. Quite a good coordination exercise but looks a bit odd if you are a nosy dog walker...
Why so many Chinook flights over South East London this afternoon / evening?

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