Lynx down in XMG




an update on the cab in XMG. i,ve got cable TV so still keep up to date with the news back home. Numbers -6 injuried. two were army, the other four classed as security force persons. none critial. The N.Ireland ambluance sevice wish it to be known "it is hard enough attaining major incidents without having to deal with unruly crowds. One amb. was forced to stop by a crowd of locals and torches were shone into the rear compartment. this happened as the amb. was leaving with 1 cas on board. stones and bottles were thrown at other ambs in attendance. locals only stopped after the towns Sinnfein /IRA councillors intervened. they quickly forgot about this incident when the tv crew turned up , and continued to rant about these troublesome helis flying low and endangering people etc,etc blah blah :meditate:
Board of enquiry will sort out the details. Seems like no life threatening injuries, crew of 3, 1 x experienced ac, 1 x inexperienced pilot, 1 x dg and 4? in the back. It's only metal and plastic and we can buy another one! No fatalities is the important thing. :thumright:

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