Lynx Cut!?!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by FlyingDude, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Yay, last man out close the door

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  2. Small, capable platform that''ll be sorely missed

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  3. Should have bought Blackhawk!

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  1. Interesting line in today's Telegraph...

    "The Army Air Corps will see some of its older helicopters, such as the Lynx, being axed, but its fleet of Apaches, which counts Prince Harry among its pilots, will not face any reductions."

    Army’s most senior female officer quits amid cuts anger - Telegraph

    Does that mean we can all book holidays as the rest of HERRICK's cancelled!

    I sense a storm coming? And not just the ones that have battered the UK this week!

  2. loosing older lynx! We have been doing this for quite some time, just go and have a look behind hangar 2 at Wallop. We used to have over 120 Lynx in service and once Wildcat fully replaces the legacy Lynx we will be down to just over 30. So it isnt exactly a surprise.
  3. Yep and seeing how most of our Lynx fleet are almost up to their airframe hour limit, its not really a headline grabbing 'shocka'.

    As an aside, Wildcat isn't technically replacing Lynx. Its just a coincidence that it comes in to service as Lynx AH7 retires. Different role you see :wink:
  4. But the big question is will it be 1 Regt, 9 Regt or even 19 Regt that the unit ends up being called. Or we could just cut our losses and call it the Army Flying Detachment, RNAS Yeovilton :)
  5. Since the Apache buy had been subjected to cuts even before Howard Floyd went over on exchange, I can't see the point in the headline, other than a cynical observation that perhaps the article is less-than newsworthy without a mention of Harry.
  6. Strangely, as I read this I'm wearing a Rooivalk T shirt. Thats what we should have had instead of Apache...
  7. Word on the street is, 1 Regt will come back to Yeovilton to Wildcat and 9 Regt will cease to exsist...certainly up north, anyway. I believe that the blokes can be absorbed into the other Lynx/Wildcat Regts.

    Dishforth location will definately go, though.

  8. A big plastic South African bastardised Puma? Yeah, thats a real battle winner that one.

    I think for once, we bought the right aircraft.
  9. Current activity would suggest otherwise.
  10. I seem to remember the slogan from the late 70s early 80s was, "Will the last person to leave turn the lights out"
  11. It ran in conjunction with the "Keep Off The Grass" campaign in Detmold in 79.
  12. Coincidence I'LL GIVE YOU COINCIDENCE. Airfix announce new Sea Harrier kit. SHAR scrapped. New Nimrod kit. Nimrod meets the angle grinder. New crab Harrier kit. Crab Harriers become kits for USMC. New Airfix kit of LYNX........?
    If their parent company Hornby makes a HS2 train set we will know it's not going ahead.
  13. Window boxes Wasn't it? growing grass in for the use of.
  14. As a rule I prefer to not fly in helicopters that are older than I am.
  15. I'm praying they bring out a Wildcat kit in the very near future then.....