Lynx Crash in Czech Republic

This wasn't supposed to happen - pits man. Mk 9, I'm told - rest in peace boys and girls.

This is already on another thread.

see 'Czech Crash'
RIP Fella's sincere thoughts rest with family and friends, especially the pilot, a good guy, sorely missed.

Condolences to all concerned. A sad day indeed. There are some suggestions that it may have been a wire strike. There but for the grace of god...

MG :cry:
Deepest sympathies to all the bereaved friends and families. RIP.
sorry guys, meant to post the initial in here but was a bit of a shock at the time, all I heard in my lunch hour was helicopter down so it went in current affairs.
My condolences of course are added here.
Its a very very bad thing. And not fair. Their families must be heartbroken.

God bless them.


War Hero
From Annanova

Helicopter crash soldiers named

The Ministry of Defence has named five of the six soldiers killed when a British Army Air Corps Lynx helicopter crashed in the Czech Republic on a training exercise.

Two of the victims were 19 and one 20, a spokesman said.

The four soldiers from 12 Regiment Royal Artillery were Gunners Bradley Gomersall, 19, Vincent Crain, 19, Kevin Dimmock, 26, and Daniel Kelly, 20.

Also killed was Captain Douglas Andrew Loose, 33, one of the air crew, a Royal Artillery officer serving with 1 Regiment Army Air Corps.

The other member of the air crew has not yet been named.

The helicopter crashed yesterday on a joint British-Czech training exercise codenamed Flying Rhino.

The dead were two air crew and four soldiers flying as passengers.

The air crew were from 1 Regiment Army Air Corps based at Gutersloh, and the four military passengers from 12 Regiment Royal Artillery based at Sennelager.

The craft came down in an uninhabited valley in the south of the country.

An investigation is under way to try to establish the cause of the crash.

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