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Lynx crash, Gutersloh. All ok


All part of a sinister plan to sabotage the Wildcat project by denying another cab of its transmission and hydraulics.

Glad they're all OK.
I bet there are some twitching sphincters in the 700 office and groundie shack tonight.

I hope they didn't follow the old 664 Minden water sedi drills of emptying the bucket back in the top hatch :)
Newsflash, driver prangs Landrover near Catterick. All OK.
Almost as funny as the 2 RTR officer this morning leaving Tidworth camp to go to Bulford and going head on into oncoming traffic. Apparently its not a filter and is actually two way traffic. Of course doing it just before 8 when everyone is entering camp, and with a lovely 11 plate Audi didn't make it funnier at all
It'll distract the RMP from the ITC QM sock discrepancy investigation then
No, all they will do is plagerise everybody else's investigations, get the wrong end of the stick and jump to the wrong conclusions.

Did two in NI myself, one when some twat hiiked up the power line at Downhill and another who clipped a ridge just outside Omagh. Took hundreds of calls along the lines of 'what happened' answer always was 'ask the pilot, how the **** do I know?'
I admit I'm confused. The report says (Halle) Gütersloh, but Halle is in Saxon-Anhalt and Gütersloh is in North-Rhein Westphalia. They happen to be a few yards apart. So what's the score?

Glad all are safe, all we need now is Clarkson to turn up at the BOI ;-)

Also wishing safe home to 300 pairs of socks, 10 arctic sleeping bags, a KY57, Qty 5 Seiko divers watch, Adler portable typewriter, and miscellaneous un-starred / consumable items form Air Drop EMILY and Atlantic Conveyor.

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