Lynndie England: Would you?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by error_unknown, May 14, 2004.

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  1. Yo! Lay that redneck poontang on me!

  2. Well, OK, but only if she borrows the sandbag from the head of that prisoner

  1. The big question of the moment: would you put on a sex show for Iraqi detainees with Lynndie England?
  2. Yes, but only for the dit value.
  3. wimmen like her are a commoditiy when no wimmen are available
  4. she'd do in a pinch
  5. Bernoulli and Bubblehead; it's clearly a Navy thing!

    One Bagger, she’s rats, cover her face before you shag her.

    Two bagger; wear your own bag in case her bag falls off!

    Three bagger! See what happens when cousins marry?
  6. I couldn't vote as there was no, " Not a bloody chance with a gipper like that" option :lol:
  7. considering this low point in my life...two tits, a hole and a heartbeat (optional if the body's still warm) is sufficient for me.
  8. BB,

    get yer arrse over here to Gosport. Many is the thing that calls itself female that will abuse you :twisted:
  9. dui lai says
    Lynndie would find Matelots and Bootnecks (and Gosportonians) adventurous and obliging.

    Mosey on over young lady! And bring your banjo!

  10. The only thing I would wish to fcuk this gripper fish with, is a claw hammer and a collection of RTA's on the M40 involving HGV's laden with spent Nuclear fuel from Sizewell B.

    I would rather spend the night with LNV and BB, being made to lick their clacks and forced to wipe their botty's with parts of my body that only my pet Iguana has ever seen.

    Has this genetic vaccum ever been on Jerry Springer? If not, she'd make a fortune defying Darwins theory of evolution. (As would most 'Mericans).

    God bless America.
  11. Thanks for the clarification that Lyndie England is female.
  12. Not with that last name....
  13. Feckin hell, its a female? I thought it was a US Ranger. Or at least a dwarf with built up orthopedic shoes.

    BTW, what makes Delta Force so special? Its not like they have stopped anything or kicked off, is it?

    Lewis Collins even dropped the pair of nancy boy crap beret wearing shirtlifters on Penyfan. I think Joanna Lumley could c o c k drop any member of the US special needs forces.
  14. The medias’ assertion that Iraqi prisoners were subjected to inhumane torture is (for once) quite correct as she barely be described as human. Chucking one up her could lead you to a charge of bestiality.
  15. Flashy, you weren't drunk by any chance this morning?