Lynham closure is it still on?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedy, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. Are they still planning to close Lynham and move everyone to Brize Norton?, because after a quick look on Google Earth I can't see just where thay are going to fit all of the extra aircraft, let alone staff (I almost said 'troops' but caught myself in time!) to maintain, crew and administer them.
  2. Yup, still going ahead. TCW will move out of Brize in the next 12 months, and that will free up some space. The footy pitches will be built upon, and 99 Sqn (C17's) may have to have another building (or so rumour has it). Bear in mind that even with the closure of Lyneham, there will be an overall reduction of a/c over the next 10 years. FSTA will replace both the Tristars and the VC-10's. FLA (A400) will replace the majority of the C130's.
  3. The press still say RAF Lyneham is to close by 2012 but not sure about Lynham.
  4. heard a rumour that in 5-10 years all British SF units will move into Lyneham after the RAF have moved out.
    if Lyneham is to close, will it have to be completly cleaned up before sale? image all the spilt fuel over the last 50 years thats in the ground. what was buried there in the war & post war years? it could cost to decontaminate for sale.

    I still think it is going to be a h#ll of a packing job fitting all the lyneham units into brize.

    Heard that R.Branson wanted to buy Brize to make into Virgins airport, however the RAF decided that it was to be Lyneham, not Brize that was to close & Brize was to become the transport hub. However, in the meantime, Branson had bought up a lot of land around Brize to prevent the RAF from expanding the Base, so forceing a rethink on what to keep open. do not know if this is true.