Lyneham to stay open - army to move in

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by DAKOTA_STAB, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. just been announced on the local HTV news that RAF Lyneham is to stay open, new unit to move in by 2013 and will probably go over to the army as some sort of training establishment
  2. Maybe for returning german units
  3. Talk at our place was that the REME Phase 2 training establishments are moving in.

  4. Is the kebab van moving there too? If not what's the point!?! :)
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  5. Move the Paras there? Probably far to sensible a plan to have the nutters who jump out of planes living near the planes they jump out of.
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  6. Read the link, many thanks TFM. Liam Fox stated that Army will comprise five multirole brigades and that 19 Light Brigade will be stood down. He made no mention of the future of 16 Air Assault Brigade which along with the Parachute Regiment has been subject of speculation. Hopefully 16 AA Bde and the Paras will remain intact.
  7. Was I mistaken when I heard that 3 Commando Brigade were to be stood down or severely cut in numbers?
  8. RM Condor to close, Royal to consolidate in the South West. Seems sensible. Arbroath's a hole.
  9. Condor to close to the Royals and be taken over by Army

  10. Closing Condor is a good idea, it is a shit hole.

    But the Royals to be taken over by the Army? F**k me sideways thats daft. Army will reduce their training and make them into another line regt, just to bin them later for lack of seniority.

    Didn't think you could get much worse than labour in defence terms, this lot have reached a whole new level of stupidity.

  11. Amphibious forces are to consolidate in the SW, hence Condo closing and presumably 45 moving into the west country (where?)

    RM still to be part of the naval service
  12. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    This was the speculation when the regt left the shot, what happened Coli no ****ing A/C near the base. fcuk knows why we left the shot. Farnbourgh and Lyneham, and Brize just down the road, dozy *****. Now we have Runways and no Airframes ****ing brilliant planning you fuckwits
  13. Arborfield's loss is Swindon's gain. Lucky, lucky Swindon.