Lyndie England found GUILTY

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. The ugly little wench has been found guilty of absuing prisoners

    I wonder how she will feel when big Willma wants to abuse her? 8O

  2. Well I don't see a problem with her being found guilty. She was caught on photos humiliating prisoners when all is said and done. If she ever thought that she could get away with saying that she didn't know what she was doing was wrong, or that she was forced into doing it then she hadn't got the mental capacity to look after herself, let alone prisoners.
  3. Only 10 years??

    Not only has she abused prisoners but she has done so much damage to the war out there. Actions like hers will have helped them to recruit more people against our soldiers and she only gets 10 years...
  4. I can never understand the mentallity of these people, why the hell would you photograph yourself doing it?
    They should throw away the key
  5. Okay, accept your logic. So why was Piers Moron allowed to get away with only having more free time to write his book then? He did just as much damage and was just as effective as Lyndie England. The only difference pay and position. Why not get that twat behind bars too?
  6. Lyndie - Good

    Morgan - Bad - jail him
  7. I see no real difference between Lyndie England or Piers Monstrous.

    They where both sufficiently detached from the sharp end to not really care about the consequences of their actions.

    The both sought to justify their actions in the light of a wider issue (ie the war).

    They both claimed to be acting under orders. England from her "superiors", Monstrous from his moral masters in the Fleet Street mafia.

    Monstrous should get ten years. I know of a couple of choice candidates for his cell mate. Incidently didn't this paragon of journalistic virtue once write the Scum's gossip column?
  8. I totally agree, he should be behind bars.
  9. Well really, I know the man's a cnut but think about it, telling lies isn't a crime, (just as well it isn't in his profession) torturing people is.
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    No, but Sedition quite possibly still is, even though the CPS wouldn't dare prosecute anyone for it.

    The lies he peddled very probably led to attacks on UK Soldiers that would not otherwise have happened.

    The cnut (I won't call him a man) is a self-seeking treasonous swine, fit only for horsewhipping.

    The likelihood of the CPS prosecuting ARRSE for libel, rather than that scrote for anything, has restrained me somewhat.....
  11. Ah, but printing lies IS a crime! This is doubly so when those lies cause sombody or some group harm. It's called lible, and as far as I can see Piers Moron is guilty as sin, for allowing what were blatant made up pictures to be printed when they would have a direct effect on the safety of soldiers working in Iraq. He was after all the editor of the slimey rag that professes to be a newspaper, and as such is responsible for its content.

    Although no angel, and ugly as sin, all she did is point at some prisoners private parts, hold a dogs lead and humiliate people in her care..... which is wrong. But she was put in a position of power she obviously wasn't prepared for, surrounded by idiots who were at best as bad as she was and should have known better and she didn't have the education to have alarm bells go off in her head when she saw the camera.

    She was very wrong and very very stupid. Piers Moron on the other hand is very well educated and knew exactly what he was doing. He just miscalculated and there was a more adverse reaction to the pictures being fake than he had anticipated. She gets 10 years which I don't disagree with at all. He gets away scott free.

    Anyone know how his interview on BFBS2 went? I've stopped listening since they decided to have him on.
  12. Methinks that Lindy better get the tube of KY ready as life in the military stockade at Levenworth may be a little bit fraught for a newbie!!

    If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

    Shame her cell buddy is not Piers! :D
  13. Plant-Pilot: We wish. IIRC, libel is a civil offence, not a criminal one - and as far as I know the Army cannot launch a libel suit. Which is a pity, since it allows the Mirror (and Moron) to get off with printing things that, had they been printed of practically anyone else, would have resulted in the Mirror's near-bankruptcy from the damages.
  14. According to Seymour Hirsch, culpability for abuse of Iraqi prisoners goes all the way to the top.

    How a secret Pentagon program came to Abu Ghraib.
    Issue of 2004-05-24

    Kurt Nimmo describes Pfc. England as a fall-girl and a patsy for the Big Shots.
    "Pfc Lynndie England Takes A Fall For The Neocons" 26 September 2005
  15. I stand corrected,but does that mean that everyone in Iraq at the time or hurt since could have their day in court? Havoing said that, I'm all for adding the Mirror to the Boycott the Sun campaign or starting a Boycott the Mirror campaign, whichever is easiest. After all, after their desperatly bad reporting I haven't bought or read either for a very long time and have no wish to start.