Lyme Disease and Loss of Fitness

I was bitten by an infected tick a few months back and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I was then prescribed a course of penicillin, which I finished about a month ago.

What I have noticed is that I'm finding it difficult to attain the same sort of run times as I was getting before I was bitten. In fact I'm running my fitness test almost two minutes slower now than I was in June (still within the permitted time though!).

Has anyone else had the same problem?

If so how long did it take to get back to the same level of fitness that you had before?

I'd better add that I didn't stop my training schedule while I was being treated.
For Chroist's sake, please don't look up anything about Lyme's disease on the internet. It'll scare hell outta you.
......... and I was just looking on behalf of the dog!!

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