lying to get a medical discharge royal engineers

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by oloveridge, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. how do i grass someone up who lyed to get a medical discharge and is now claiming war disablement pension because of it.
  2. Surely you mean brass someone up? The lying fcukbag. I'm outraged.
  3. WTF did they do on the medical??????
  4. well first of all you post his details here ... then we send the boys over to make sure his claim is now legitimate!

    Job done
  5. Just out of interest, how long was he in? what was the injury? how do you know he lied, I've heard it's not too easy to bluff the medical board so he must be quite an actor.
  6. Med board just go on the recommendation from the sickbay. Would be quite easy to pull a fast one if you were that way inclined. I could have got out a lot earlier if I had actually wanted to. Depends what its for though.
  7. probably for a discharge but the process for a war pension is an absolute admin nightmare for the person claiming it. The information required on the paperwork is unbelievable, they then collect all evidence including all med docs, scans, x-rays, test results and they can also bring you in for a med board in which they scutinise your claims physically.
  8. Are you saying someone is sullying the good name of God's Corps through a lack of integrity? :?

    Hang the little shite by his testicles from the Tower of London and let the ravens have him! :evil:

    Hurrah for the Corps! :salut:
  9. also we dont have sick bays.
  10. he gets disablitlity living allowence aswell because he has stuff on his medical record to say he is ill,he lies about depression so he picks up FREE tablets on the nhs but does not take them, and when he has a medical he has a handfull of seraqual(anti depressants) to make him like a zombie and walks in with a limp.
  11. He needs to die...
  12. Do you have proof of this? Or, failing that, did he confide in you personally?

    Failing to answer either question in the affirmative may result on you treading dodgy ground.
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Ba5tard! I've been in pain every fukcing day for the last 20 years and have to admit that fighting of the depression takes a shit load of effort far to easy to succumb and wonder in to the gp who will had over the happy tablets far too easily. And you say this bloke is taking the piss!
  14. Biscuits so sorry to hear about your on-going pain mate.

    This "Bozzo", "Low-Life" "Scroat" needs jobbing right away!!!!
    I hope his ear holes turn to arse holes and he shats all over his shoulders!!!