Lying student to be deported

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CrashTestDummy, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. "A teenager will be deported to his home country of Pakistan after lying about his past in a bid for UK residency."

    BBC News - Daniyal Shahzad to be deported to Pakistan after lies

    "But after gullible mugs presented a 4,000-signature petition against his deportation to the Home Office, his story unravelled."

    My bold amendment.
  2. 1 down..........
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  3. Don't we have enough poor people in Wales already without importing more from overseas?
    Can we deport some spare Welsh with him?
  4. All he needs now is to 'come out' and ker-ching, a free education, likely benefit support (to probably send some home to Pakistan) and as many leftie human rights 'mates' he can shake a shitty stick at.

    C'mon Daniyal, cough up to being a sword swallower, you know you want, sorry, need to.
  5. I like this bit "When his deception was revealed in February, he apologised and said he was under pressure to send money home to Pakistan." How the f..k was he going to send money back if he was a full time student except by exploiting our ludicrous benefits system ?
  6. Show me where full time students can claim benefits. I know a few thousand people who'll be interested.

    More likely, he was going to work on the side - most likely in excess of the 20 hours per week in term time that are laid down in the terms of student visas. It's a big problem amongst students from the subcontinent that they're desperate to minimise the debt they're left with on graduation, often at the expense of their studies. This chap seems to have been at a secondary school, though - which begs the question of how he got in in the first place.
  7. Muslims are desperate to live in the West, they cling to trucks to come here illegally, they beg like dogs for Asylum. They are literaly crawling over each other to come to Europe. Yet they hate everything we stand for.

    Good riddence to him.