Lying solicitor

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Enigma266, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Now, I have a problem regarding a property purchase. My old incompetent solicitor was informed I no longer wished him to act on my behalf. He acknowledged this. He knows this property purchase needs to go through asap. It was also at the beginning of a new purchase.

    I have instructed new solicitors. However, today I received a fax from the vendors solicitors saying that ******** was not aware he was no longer acting on my behalf. I have an email proving otherwise and therefore he has lied.

    He is deliberately holding up the purchase and I wondered whether there was any pressure that could be applied? I have just gone into orbit over this, so communication with the pillock is not wise at this time.

  2. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

    Their fraud and dishonesty page
  3. Call whatever firm he works for and ask to speak to the partner who deals with complaint's, should work. If that fails let us know.
  4. Google Legal Complaints Service. I got £200 from my conveyancing solicitors when they lost my docs.
  5. Unfortunately, it is his firm. My mortgage guy has said he has removed every case from him due to incompetence.

    He is now claiming I only suspended him and not that he was removed (I have just sent him the email asking him which part of I no longer wish you to act on my behalf he didnt understand!)

    He is still refusing to release the contract without settlement of fees - and yes, there is a dispute over these as he agreed one amount and then increased it and then decided to do some work without authorisation!
  6. Pay the bill,

    get the contract

    buy the property

    then sue him
  7. Oh, I have no intention of paying him. Well, actually, I am going to pay him for the abortive purchase but nothing for this second one. He increased the fees and did work on the purchase without my authorisation. He should be aware of contract law. Although, to be honest, he has great difficulty in managing to spell correctly in his letters so perhaps not!

    Thanks for your help guys.
  8. Death works well, I find. It's final and ensures that the recipient knows he's upset you.

    You could start a thread asking for 101 Uses for a Dead Solicitor?!


  9. Make it a slow death.... gives them time to think about what they've done.
  10. Lits, the impact area is a little full with bodies right now! :twisted:

    Update: I spoke to the Legal Complaints Service. They have advised me to settle the bill in full and then they will seek compensation on my behalf. It appears I do indeed have a case. Very helpful bunch of people.

  11. Update - Thanks for all your advice guys. I reported the case to LCS and I now have a full refund of all my fees.
  12. I was told years ago by a conveyancer that if he screwed up, solicitors would be queueing up to sue him but you would never find a solicitor willing to sue another solicitor.

    The advice above still holds true, pay him to get your house purchase moving then take him to the small claims court.
  13. Just read Enigma266s latest, disregard my last!

    Enigma266 you got it sorted out bloody quickly - these things can take years.
  14. It must be my charm and charisma! :wink: I think it was more a case of when I listed all the issues he realised it would be faster and cheaper to just pay me off and get rid - especially as he knew how far I was prepared to take it and that the LCS were involved.