Lying Low

I think i've observed and questioned all I can manage thus far, and so i've decided to take a break away from ARRSE.

I need to focus on what is now, and when the time is nigh (nearer embarkment of Army career), I shall return ;)

Thanks to all who helped, advised, responded, cautioned and cussed, and a final thanks to the Army, for doing what it does best.

Farewell for now, and I shall crack on >


I doubt you will be missed!

Good luck in Basic, Train hard.....Fight easy :twisted:
Fcuk it!

But i'm gonna try and not get too involved cause it perplexes me and pisses me off :p I promise to read only what I feel passionate about and reply if I care to, that means steering away from boards by arm :p (and not sitting on ARRSE waiting)
Couldnt even last 4 hours.

Luckily I sit with my back to the wall and can browse all day.

I am addicted and get the shakes if I don't get my daily dose.
Heartbreaklane said:
medman82 said:
You'll be's like a magnet to arrse souls is ARRSE

Fixed. :clap:
What, you've fixed "Saigon" medders?
Did you hammer a pooey punji stick into his temple?

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