Lying Bastards who led us to war.

Ten years on from the invasion of Iraq and some of the real liars have been forced our of the long grass. ( Panorama tonight ).The CIA knew beforehand that most of the so called humint was bullshit, the German intelligence service knew it was bullshit and told the Americans, who chose to ignore the Germans, top officials at the CIA knew it was crap and told the top brass, who chose to ignore it. MI6 was selective about the information it passed on to no10 and Blair "sexed it up ", and after the inquiry by Lord Butler, who wasn't given all the information that he asked for, he was told that certain paperwork wasn't relative to the enquiry, we get to the nub of it. A group of Iraqui dissidents wanted to get rid of Saddman and decided to use the western intelligence services to do the job for them. It also helped that Saddman was a lying cunt who no-one believed. So the upshot of it all was we were lied by Government, the Governments were lied to by a bunch of lying self servers and we sent friends and loved ones in harms way because of a bunch of lying cunts.
Think of all the lifes lost and the money spent, something needs to be done about it !!
The politicians and Civil Servants won't let any of their own be held accountable, one day they themselves may need a free pass for their own misdeeds. Just as hospital managers will never stand in the dock for covering up the killing of patients, and bankers will never stand trial for vast frauds, the political and ruling class are exempt from suffering the consequences of their actions.
On this evening's news: Days before Richard Nixon won the White House, he had his people talking to Vietnamese asking them to soft peddle peace negotiations which seemed to be moving well. 'If you can hold off until I am in the White House, you'll get a better deal. I have a plan.' He didn't have a plan and he also didn't have a fucking clue. Lindon Johnson knew about these approaches but was unable to do anything to sway the election. Why? Because the info came from J Edgar Hoover's unlawful wiretapping of the Vietnamese ambassador's phone and how're you going to explain THAT to the voters? So in the end thousands more troops' lives were lost.
WTF? Whats Levenson got to do with what I'm talking about ? Have you got your public enquiries mixed up ?
Alan Rusbridger could answer all your questions.
He only asked a civil question.
In response to the civil question that was asked, yes I do know one end of a machine gun from the other, and like several other contributors to this forum I also subscribe to the 7.62mm theory, if your going to hit them hit them hard and make it count.

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